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Flagler College

Work Experience:

Freelance graphic designer:

involving works pertaining to surfshop logos, skateboard deck graphics, clothing designs, and bumper stickers relating to support for Parkinsons's Disease

Restaurant industry:

including bus boy, host, dishwasher, waiter, food preparation


Worked at a local surf shop for two years

Disaster Relief Company:

including plumbing, mitigation, flooding, fire damage, mold removal, truck wrapping, flooring, hurricane relief, and warehouse organization

-This job required me to get my DOT license to drive commercial vehicles over 10,000 pounds as well as a certification for driving heavy machinery including excavators, bobcats, and three types of forklifts.


Convocation in the art department of Worcester Preparatory School

Inducted into the AIGA Flagler Chapter


Beach Cleanup for Assateague Beach

Volunteered at the Art League of Ocean City